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How to cancel OSP License?

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OSP registration or license is issued for company’s premises and it is valid for 20 years as long as regular compliance has been done. There can be various reasons for seeking cancellation of OSP registration.

1.         Change in Business Operations of company.
2.         Merger of company
3.         Suo moto cancellation
4.         Any other reason


The Ministry of Communication, Department of Telecommunication (DoT) with a view to ensure Ease of Doing Business, in an Instruction dated 15th November 2018, had announced the launch of a web based portal ‘SARAL SANCHAR’ to simplify the old system. It offers a fully paperless filing platform for OSP license and compliance. To get cancel your OSP registration or license, please follow the instructions as mentioned below:
 1. One Time user registration must be completed on SARAL Sanchar Portal to create Login/Password, if not done earlier.      
2. Applicants with Old Registrations will be able to see their Registration details of all old registrations in new portal at by creating their Log-in ID on the Saral Sanchar portal by following the procedure mentioned there.      
3. After logging in the Saral Sanchar Portal, the applicant will be able to update the changes or intimate the closure or shifting of company premises which have been registered.      
4. All documents should be digitally signed by applicant. You will not be able to upload any digitally unsigned documents at portal.

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No Fees for cancellation of OSP Registration need to be paid.

List of documents required:
Company’s who received OSP Registration prior to 15 November 2018, first need to migrate OSP Registration. After migration they can apply for Cancellation. 

1.         Covering letter mentioning the reason for cancellation
2.         Board Resolution
3.         Letter of Authority

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